Walking Dead Season 3 Midseason Ender

I hate the fact that I have to wait until February to watch what happens to Rick and company. Things are starting to heat up as The Governor loses one eye care of Michonne. Andrea in the meantime is conflicted when she rescues the Governor from sure death under the hands of Michonne. But Andrea can’t reconcile the goody image she has of the governor versus the sinister Governor who collects zombie heads in an aquarium. The Governor is probably one of the most bipolar characters we’ve seen so far. When his beloved zombie daughter, Penny, is killed by Michonne, you really feel pity for him. He obviously has his sentimental and human side. It would be great if the writers showed a little flashback as to what the Governor was like before her lost his family. I’m pretty sure he was just a regular family man. The zombie infestation has certainly not left a single character unscathed.

Merle is reunited with Daryl after he gets captured following Rick and Co.’s daring rescue of Maggie and Glenn. Merle has been branded a traitor by the good ol’ Governor, so I hope we see Merle switching sides. I doubt that is going to happen though as his temperament doesn’t belong to Rick’s camp. But who knows? Stranger things have happened?

Back in the prison, Carl takes charge. He daringly rescues humans who have gotten lost in the prison. There will certainly be more new characters in the group. It is only a matter of time before we find out if any of them survive and get incorporated into Rick’s dwindling group.

I’m hoping to get to see more of the bipolar Governor. He truly is the best new character introduced since well, day 1. I like how duplicitous and cunning he is. But his love for his daughter Penny, is a bit moving. We might see more darkness from him in the next couple of episodes, seeing that he has nothing much to live for.



The Governator VS Rickator: Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6 Review With Spoilers

I knew that it was too good to be true. Rick receiving a phone call in the prison from people claiming to have a safe haven of some sorts. As I suspected, the phone call was all in Rick’s deluded head as he couldn’t cope with the loss of his wife.

Unfortunately, this episode is a filler episode. Nothing much happens in terms of action. Michonne ends up in Rick’s camp and the lovebirds, Maggie and Glenn, end up in the Governor’s camp. So, as to be expected, there is going to be some Rick vs Governor showdown. My money is on Rick since he’s the protagonist. If the Governor wasn’t duplicitous and kinda crazy, I would like him. But since he’s the bad guy, we have to root for Rick.

By the end of the episode, Rick has managed to pulls himself back together again for his baby, for his son and for his group. Next week is a  more promising episode as Rick attempts to rescue people from his team.


Spoiler Alert: And This Week’s Casualty in Walking Dead Season 3 is……

The show started innocently enough. One of the prisoners released the zombies from some other part of the prison. Mayhem ensues and Rick’s group scampers about. Carl, Maggie and Lori get separated from the group and are trapped in a room. Lori starts to go into labor and Maggie performs an emergency C-section without anesthesia and armed only with a knife. This is Lori’s last request before she dies from blood loss. Carl shoots his mum to ensure that she doesn’t turn into a zombie. Oh, and the black dude in the show died as well but it would seem, he was forgotten and all.┬áCarol goes missing, but we don’t care about that either.

When Rick realizes that his wife is dead, he rolls on the ground and cries like a baby. Meanwhile, Andrea and Michonne decide to stay a few more days in Pleasantville, I mean, Woodbury. But who cares about this? Lori, a major character ( and annoying one at that ) has died. Never mind about the black dude from Season 1, Carol, Andrea and the rest of the gang. Lori’s DEAD!


The Dead And The Dying in The Walking Dead Season 2

The Walking Dead Season 2 keeps you over the edge of your seat every single time. There are those who prefer the first season ( like my cousin ) but I really like the dramatic turn of events in the second season. Season 2 is just so gripping. It’s more about the characters now and not about the zombies. It’s less action and more human psychology. You get to watch the characters evolve and slowly lose their humanity one day at a time. Nevertheless, watching the show can be a jolting experience because a zombie seems to pop up at the most inopportune moment. The shocking twist that really caught me by surprise was the death of Sophia. I was really hoping that she would come back. After several episodes of hoping that she would be found dead, lo and behold, she emerges from the barn as a Zombie. GASP. And with the latest episode having just aired a few days ago, it would seem that the writers would not let the audience stop grieving. Another dear character has died. His/Her death ( I’m not going to reveal who it is ), is such a shocker because you never would expect another major character from the first season would be given the final blow. This time, this character’s death is even more violent than Sophia’s death, but not the least shocking. Season 2 is ending soon. I accidentally chanced upon a website that revealed the major spoiler for the season ender. Could another major character die? Stay tuned to find out.

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