The Governator VS Rickator: Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6 Review With Spoilers

I knew that it was too good to be true. Rick receiving a phone call in the prison from people claiming to have a safe haven of some sorts. As I suspected, the phone call was all in Rick’s deluded head as he couldn’t cope with the loss of his wife.

Unfortunately, this episode is a filler episode. Nothing much happens in terms of action. Michonne ends up in Rick’s camp and the lovebirds, Maggie and Glenn, end up in the Governor’s camp. So, as to be expected, there is going to be some Rick vs Governor showdown. My money is on Rick since he’s the protagonist. If the Governor wasn’t duplicitous and kinda crazy, I would like him. But since he’s the bad guy, we have to root for Rick.

By the end of the episode, Rick has managed to pulls himself back together again for his baby, for his son and for his group. Next week is a  more promising episode as Rick attempts to rescue people from his team.



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