Mama Movie Review: Oh My Mama!

Mama is one scary movie. I don’t easily get scared but this movie is so creepy and has many ‘jump in your seat’ moments which makes it a really scary flick. The movie is based loosely on the true story of the feral girls named Amala and Kamala. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. The two girls were found in an Indian jungle during the 1920s. The girls grew up wild after being raised by wolves.

Mama incorporated this true story but added a twist. In Mama, the two girls, named Lily and Victoria, were raised by an overprotective ghost whom they called Mama. The two girls lived in the forest with the motherly ghost until they were discovered by their Uncle, after having been missing for 5 years.After their discovery, the girls were made to live with their Uncle Lucas and his devoted girlfriend, Annabel. Annabel is played by the almost unrecognizable Jessica Chastain. Chastain plays a dark-haired, eyeliner wearing, tattooed rocker chick who ironically enough, doesn’t like kids. The character of Annabel slowly warms up to the kids even if she’s become suspicious of their strange actions. She also experiences strange dreams after spending time with the kids.

mama poster

Mama isn’t your usual gore fest with blood, dismembered bodies and the like. It’s just a straight out horror flick with scary sounds, dark shadows and scary chase scenes. The movie is atmospheric, disturbing and will probably make a grown man pee in his pants. There are deaths in the film but most of these deaths are stupid and unnecessary. You find yourself shouting at the screen, “Don’t go there at night! You’re asking for it, stupid potential victim person!” There are two characters made redundant by the exposition. And there are characters created just so they could die a very horrible death. Another negative thing about the movie is the CGI Mama. It is obvious that the ghost is CGI. Can’t they make a CGI character less CGI-ey?

Overall though, Mama is one scary movie. I like how they incorporate certain elements of fact with fiction. I like Jessica Chastain’s acting in this film. She takes the more subdued approach and we rarely even hear her scream. I love how scary and unpredictable the kids are. I swear I love kids, but if I were taking care of feral kids, I’d probably pass. I don’t necessary love the ending but I like how
unpredictable the ending was. It’s the type of horror flick that makes you look over your shoulder after emerging from the theater. 

I give it a grade of 3.5 pop corns over 4.



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