The Arrow: Hits The Bull’s Eye

I really love the new CW TV series,”The Arrow.” It is dark, gritty and unpredictable. I also love the secrets that the characters keep from each other. I’m not just talking about Ollie Queen but his mother, his former girlfriend, his former bestfriend and almost everyone else. Ollie’s mother, is not all that as she seems. She’s hiding a dark secret from her son–that’s she’s involved in a criminal organization. Ollie’s ex is also hiding her true feelings from Ollie. It is so obvious that she still loves him but the pain of betrayal is what is keeping her from going back to him. Ollie’s best pal apparently is in love with the same girl he is in love with, so we might be seeing a love triangle in the future. That would surely be interesting.

What I love about the Arrow is that it reveals Ollie’s past in bits and pieces. I look forward to more flashbacks from his time on the island. I also love the fact that Ollie is one tormented character. He’s
darker than Batman apparently. Ollie’s been tortured as what is revealed on the latest episode, “Damage”. Ollie is not just physically scarred but psychologically scarred as well. Unlike Batman, The Arrow is not
hesitant to take lives as he really is keen on actually eliminating the criminal elements of Starling City. For a TV show, this is really kind of bold. And a CW series at that! Obviously, The Arrow is no Smallville! Villains actually die!

I love, love the fact that Arrow’s sidekick, is even hesitant to work for him. Arrow is not only driven to kill the bad guys but he’s obsessed! He’s one kickass vigilante! I can’t wait for more episodes! Arrow really hits the bull’s eye!



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