The Dark Knight Goes Kaput

I can’t say I like the latest Batman flick, Dark Knight Rises. I can’t say, I hate it either. I’m sort of ambivalent about the entire movie. All I know is that there are aspects of the movie that I like and aspects of the movie, that I don’t like. There are also aspects of the movie that leave me wanting more. Overall, the movie was too serious. Batman/Bruce Wayne is too serious in this film especially with Christian Bale’s gaunt, emaciated, injured look. Commissioner Gordon is too serious as well. Alfred is way too serious. And the protege, Detective Blake, takes his job way t0o seriously. Heck, even Bane is mad serious to blow up Gotham. Only Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman provides some levity to the otherwise dark, heavy and foreboding film. But then, her character is the weakest of all the characters on the film. The movie is also a bit predictable except toward the end part. I knew who the entire brains of the operation was way before it was revealed.

What I like about the movie is the cameos of 2 previous villains. There’s one villain that would make the audience laugh out loud due to his kookiness. And the other villain, appears via Bruce’s hallucination or is it a mere hallucination? I can’t reveal more since that would spoil the fun. All I know is that there are parts that would want you to stand up on your seat and clap. But there are also some heavy stuff like Batman’s existential angst and stuff. Christopher Nolan and his brother, should have added more light moments to the script. The movie is weighed down by taking itself too seriously. We’re talking about fantasy here, not reality.

What I loved about the film was when the action picked up toward the end. The first part of the movie had action interspersed in between. The latter part was all non-stop action.

I’ve often wondered what Batman would do once he retired his cape. This movie, answers all of that. I really loved the ending though. It’s what I’ve always wanted for Batman and Bruce Wayne. There’s a huge surprise at the end which would make any audience leap for joy. But I can’t reveal that in this review.

All I can say is that Dark Knight Rises should not be missed. It’s just no way as exciting or awe-inducing as the first Christopher Nolan Batman flick, Batman Begins. It’s nowhere near as smart as the second film, The Dark Knight. But Dark Knight Rises, gives the satisfying ending that Batman truly deserves.


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