Facebook Bikini Controversy

My niece’s schoolmate is embroiled in a recent local controversy. Apparently, the school administators won’t allow her to participate in her graduation rites tomorrow all because she posted a picture of herself wearing a bikini. She posted the said picture on Facebook. I’m a bit disappointed by the way my alma mater handled the matter. The girl shouldn’t be banned from participating in her graduation rites. First and foremost, the school has nothing to do with her personal life. Secondly, wearing a bikini doesn’t make you evil or immoral. I even have a similar photo on Facebook. Yup, I wore a bikini. And I posed with a work mate. And it was fun. I didn’t do it for anyone else but for my own satisfaction.

Wearing a bikini doesn’t mean that you are lewd or that you are promiscuous. I’m a Buddhist and I try to abide by the laws of the universe. I have never been promiscuous or anything. How I wish!! Heck, I’m planning on letting my dog wear a bikini.

I just want to point out that the school has no control over what their students do outside of it. I’d like to give a fine example. There’s even a Catholic university in the city that is known for having students engaged in prostitution. That university has not sanctioned anyone yet ( from what I know ). And sadly, there are still many students there engaged in the sex industry.

My siblings are lawyers and they told me that the school can’t ban the student from attending her own high school graduation. That’s from a legal standpoint. From a Buddhist standpoint, what is happening is a result of ‘close-mindedness’.

I have nothing against the school administrators since I know them personally. I went to school there not so many years ago. I do understand their point. But from a legal stand point, they can’t do zilch. Let the girl attend her graduation ceremony.

Anyway, just to point out. Buddhists wear bikinis too and there is nothing wrong with that. A relative of mine commented that when I became a Buddhist I started wearing ‘sexy clothes.’ As a Nichiren Buddhist, we are allowed to fully express ourselves. And we believe that we shouldn’t surpress our desires and our true nature. We should embrace it and allow our desires to be transmuted into enlightenment. And there is nothing wrong about wearing revealing clothes. It just happens to be very comfortable and I love comfort. What’s wrong is that some people have dirty minds. That is just a symptom of deeper issues which I won’t discuss here.

Tell me what you think about this issue. Leave a comment below.


One thought on “Facebook Bikini Controversy

  1. I’m a Theresian and I feel that this so called “violation” in the so-called handbook is clearly a sign of close-mindedness. Punishing a 16 year old who is confident of her body over years of determination to graduate is really way too inhuman. Administrators need to re-evaluate their actions. Mas importante pa ang ila reputasyon kaysa sa bation sa ila students. Calling names etc. as a parent… we will really end up in a law suite if this happened to my daughter. Nag think pa man unta ko akoa sad cya pa study sa STC… murag di nalang!

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