Stevie Nicks: Best Celebrity Idol Mentor

I think Stevie Nicks is a great mentor for the Idols. Last week, under the tutelage of P. Diddy, the Idols underperformed. This week, under the mentorship of Stevie Nicks, the Idols received five standing ovations. She should come back often. Another favorite mentor is Mary J. Blige. Perhaps girls make better Idol mentors compared to guys? Who I would like to mentor the Idols would be…. Lady Gaga. Now that would be interesting.

Stevie Nicks seems to know how to bring out the best in the Idols’ performance. She also knows how to coach the Idols in showing some emotion and connecting with the songs that they are singing. Three Idol contestants, namely Colton, Hollie and Joshua became emotional. Elise also gave the best performance so far on the Idol stage. That’s all because of Stevie Nicks!

I loved Stevie Nicks and admit that I didn’t know her not until I saw the movie, Practical Magic. Her song, ” Crystal” was so wonderful. I even have the full soundtrack. Click on her video to listen to Stevie Nick’s song. Since I became obsessed with her song, I also started listening to her old songs that was revived by The Corrs. Her most famous song is “Landslide” which was sung by Elise and Colton. It was also revived by the Dixie Chicks a few years ago.


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