Joshua Outperforms Jessica

I have a theory that Joshua and Jessica’s performance are inversely proportional. When Jessica performs well, Joshua gives a ho-hum performance. When Joshua performs well, Jessica gives a ho-hum performance. This week, Joshua certainly outperforms Jessica with his Mariah Carey rendition.

Jessica sang Beyonce’s song well but it wasn’t really that interesting to watch.

DeAndre gave a surprise performance by singing an Eric Benet song in falsetto. Falsetto is really hard to sustain but Deandre did it. I didn’t really appreciate falsetto until I started vocal coaching. Falsetto is really hard to do and to sustain. That’s why I applaud DeAndre for having the guts to sing the song mostly in falsetto.

Phillip Phillips is such a natural performer and he’s comfortable on stage. He’s always in the zone and it feels as if he’s not even competing but performing. He’s fun to watch and he’s got what Randy calls ‘mad talent’. He’ll certainly have a spot in the Top 5. I don’t know if he’s going to win though. But since he is attractive and a natural performer, he could very well surprise us.

For me, the best performance would have to come from Elise only because she seems to be in her element. She gave a really unpredictable performance and came out on top. This is the first time that she is showing some personality. I hope she continues to show what kind of artist she is. She may not win Idol but she has a good recording voice. Provided she can come up with really catchy songs, she could be a hit on radio. She reminds me a bit of Colbie Calliet.

Showing too much personality and not much improvement is Heejun. I like his bassy voice but he has got to stretch or die. He continues to give the same kind of performance every week relying only on his charming personality and not on his singing ability. It may be time to say byebye. But again, we could be in for a total surprise by tomorrow’s results!


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