Idol Fashion

It’s ironic that the Idol finalists seem to be better dressed this week compared to when Tommy Hilfiger was there. Tommy Hilfiger appeared as a fashion consultant for the Idol finalists last week. Hollie looked old and matronly last week in white slacks. She looks adorable this week in a white dress with a gold necklace.



Last week, Elise looked plain in a simple black dress. This week, she looks cool in her rocker bohemian pants!



Joshua looks better and more glittery this week compared to the white ensemble he wore last week.

Colton is always well-dressed every week with or without Tommy Hilfiger.

There was nothing really wrong with Jessica Sanchez’ dress last week except that she was dressed like she was going on a date in the mall instead of competing for a highly-rated tv show. This week however, she looks like she means business.

Phillip Phillips also looks well-dressed this week.

I like the whole idea of making the Idols look more fashionable however, I believe that in order to improve the ratings of the show, they need to spice things up. I suggest that they replace the current musical director with a musical director who is younger and more fun. And also, perhaps to improve the ratings, they could have a ‘Big Brother’ type of show which they can play on the internet, to sort of give the fans some glimpse of what goes on behind the cameras. I certainly would watch a reality show based on the whole American Idol experience. Perhaps they can just show clips of it on the AI show itself then have the reality show available on the internet. Perhaps fans of AI need to see some behind the scenes squabbling, scandals, etc.

American Idol is a franchise that is getting older. In order to compete, it needs to do something drastic. And I mean, not just changing the judges but perhaps change the format of the show a bit.


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