American Idol: Boring Week

Overall, the performances this evening were boring. Only three people really stood out. Even Jessica Sanchez, underperformed.

Here’s a summary:

Jessica Sanchez should avoid disco music, Gloria Estefan music and sparkly stretchy pants.

Deandre Brackensick sang a snooze-worthy song “Endless Love.” I was waiting the entire time for the song to end.

Shannon Magrane is trying too hard to please the viewers and it shows. She’s pretty and has a good singing voice but she doesn’t choose songs that fit her voice. As much as possible, one must always avoid Mariah Carey songs such as “One Sweet Day”. I hope she lightens up a bit and lose the nerves.

The adorable Heejun missed his mark. Randy was right. He was breathless most of the time. Probably he has asthma?

I like Colton Dixon but his song choice, ‘Broken Heart’ was a bore.

Erika Van Pelt sang ‘Heaven’. I thought her performance was boring. Her voice reminds me of Cher especially if she sings in the lower register.

Skylar Laine sang the song, ‘Love Sneaking Up On You’. I’m not into country music but at least Skylar tried to liven things up a bit. Most of the songs the other contestants sang were a bore.

I really like underdogs. That is why I like Hollie. She may not win the competition but at least she’s trying to win. I don’t know about the others though. Her rendition of “The Power Of Love” wasn’t perfect but it was good. I like how she’s stepping out a bit and becoming a more confident performer. She has to do something really excellent next time or else she could get kicked off.

Philip Phillips is a natural performer and it shows. His vocals were better this week.

My most favorite performance would have to be Elise Testone. She sang ‘Let’s Stay Together’ with Obama. I love her  raspy vocals. She would make a good recording artist.


3 thoughts on “American Idol: Boring Week

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