Unusual Things I Put In My Mouth

There have been quite a number of unusual things I have put in my mouth. All I can say is that, not all of them have been a pleasant experience.

1. Sashimi
I love sushi but when I first tasted it in my teens, it was just so absolutely disgusting. I wanted to vomit after eating tuna sashimi. It’s really an acquired taste.

2. Sea Urchin
It smells like the sea. It’s brown and watery. When you taste it, it has a ‘sandy’ consistency. Anyway, I like it.

3. Duck Fetus
I’ve eaten duck egg and drank the duck’s embryonic fluid. I rarely eat the duck fetus especially the ones with hair. But I finally mustered the courage to eat a hairy duck fetus.

4. Live Sea Cucumber
Technically, it was dying before it even hit my mouth. I just hastened its untimely demise when I placed it in my mouth and started to chew. Surprisingly, its sweet, salty and tough.

5. Sea Hare Poop

Locally it is called as ‘lukot’ and it comes from the ass of a ‘donsol’ or a sea hare. I didn’t believe it at first that I was actually eating poop, but when I held a sea hare in my hand and it started to secrete green thready poop, I had confirmed right then, that the rumors were true.


One thought on “Unusual Things I Put In My Mouth

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