I absolutely loved the movie adaptation of one of my favorite classic novels, Jane Eyre. It is just absolutely superb. Michael Fassbender makes his character, Edward Rochester, come to life. Mr. Rochester was rather bland in the novel, but in the movie, he comes to life and that’s solely because of Fassbender’s acting. He’s just one of those actors who is incapable of bad acting. He was the only reason why X-men First Class wasn’t such a flop. His presence enhances any film.

I also love Mia Wasikowska’s portrayal of Jane Eyre. She makes everything seem real and tangible. It’s as if Jane Eyre actually existed. Mia draws the audience right in. She allows you to feel what her character felt. I actually cried when her character, Jane, had to run away from Mr. Rochester. I could relate to her character’s heart break.

Judi Dench appears as a supporting character…

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