Green Lantern: Not The Brightest Day

I love superhero films being a Superman and Batman fanatic growing up. I’ve been hoping that DC would release some of their comic book titles to film to add a little flavor to the movie-going experience. When I heard that Green Lantern was going to come out, I was pretty excited. I was giddy when I got to view the four-minute clip that Warner Bros. Studios released a few weeks before the actual showing of the film. It was one of the reasons why I eagerly lined up at the cinema. Unfortunately, after watching the Green Lantern film, I felt kind of empty. There was something missing from the film. I really wanted to love the film but there wasn’t much to love.

At first Ryan Reynolds seemed like an unusual choice for Green Lantern, but after having seen the film, I think he was really good. In fact, he’s the only reason why this film worked and not much else. The CGI helped a bit. Certainly, Blake Lively did nothing to add to the

film. In fact, her character was a little annoying if not also a bit underwritten. The only interesting part about her performance was when she was twirling mid-air. Now, that was interesting. As for her acting, she should just stick to television or to playing junkies ( like her role in The Town ).

I don’t know why Warner Brothers chose Martin Campbell to direct the film. They should have chosen another director. He doesn’t know how to direct sci-fi films which is what Green Lantern is. It’s a sci-fi superhero flick. Perhaps Duncan Jones ( a very good sci-fi director ) should have helmed the film.Maybe this is entirely not the director’s fault. I mean, Martin Campbell did direct Casino Royale, The Mask of Zorro and Golden Eye. I think he’s a good action director. It may have been the fault of the scriptwriters.

I heard on the news that the movie studio actually hired a bunch of tv writers and comic book writers to write the script and the screenplay. I think this was  a pretty bad idea. A movie writer is a different animal. Television writing or comic book writing is tame compared to writing for the big screen. A movie writer has to deliver all of the goods in two hours or less. Television and comic book writers can pretty much stretch the story for several episodes. A movie writer has to keep things tight but at the same time make it interesting. A television/comic book writer can take the circuitous route which I think is what happened in this film.

Green Lantern feels like a badly written and or edited film. The plot seems disjointed. And there are sequences that seem out of place. The pace varies. The beginning was great, the middle part was dragging and the ending wasn’t as promising as the beginning part.And although there were good actors on the film, they seemed like they weren’t really into their characters which is understandable since their characters are poorly written.

Peter Sarsgaard’s villain, Hector Hammond wasn’t at all that villainous. In fact, we feel kind of sad for the freak that he would later become. He’s not convincing as a bad guy at all. He’s not menacing enough.He doesn’t have fangs. All he had was a very large head.

Tim Robbins and Angela Bassett are totally miscast in this film. We all know they can act but they should have chosen another superhero flick to star in. Their talents have been wasted on this film. And the back story on Angela Bassett’s character served no purpose. She wasn’t even a major character. It’s sad that the best acting is coming from CGI characters like Tomar-Re (voice by Geoffrey Rush ), Kilowog (voice by Michael Clarke Duncan ) and Sinestro ( voice by Mark Strong ). Mark Strong’s performance of Sinestro is pretty good. The actor is said to have only worked on projecting good acting through the use of his facial muscles only. The lower half of his body ( from the neck down ) is all CGI. He must be a really good actor even underneath all that prosthetic make-up since he’s the only other character aside from Green Lantern who really stands out.

I didn’t have the chance to view the end credits but I have viewed it on Youtube when I heard that Sinestro was going to turn yellow and evil in the next film ( provided that there is a next film ). Although I’m disappointed about Green Lantern as a whole, I still would recommend people to watch it. It’s not that bad but it’s not Batman Begins or Dark Knight-kind of good. It’s also not as bad as Superman Returns. And not as worst as Catwoman ( now that was the worst superhero movie ever ). I would say it’s mid-range between good and not-so good. But at least it’s not a bad movie.

What I love about the film is the CGI. I love planet Oa. I wish Green Lantern stayed in Oa instead of on Earth. I didn’t like the action sequences, they were kind of boring. I loved Ryan Reynold’s earnest acting. He was really in character but too bad the writers did a lousy job of creating a better character for him to play with. I love the universal theme of good vs. evil although I wished it was better executed. I think I finally found the word to describe it. The movie had a potential of being a great superhero/sci-fi click but sadly, the film was poorly executed.

Popcorn Bucket Meter: 2 Popcorns Out of 4

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