Transfomers Dark of The Moon Movie Review: Blowing Things Up

Michael Bay certainly wanted to end the Transformers movie series with a huge bang. He has done that in a huge way. The third Transformers movie has explosions galore that is sure to delight the fans of the Autobots. The movie is visually breath-taking as it should be as Michael Bay is said to have shot the movie entirely using 3D cameras. He is said to have had a little help from 3D guru, James Cameron.

Next to Avatar, Transformers Dark of The Moon is probably the best 3D film I’ve seen so far. And that’s a good thing considering that it’s a film directed by Michael Bay. It’s certainly far better than the widely panned, Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen. Some say that the third film is Bay’s way of making amends. There are aerial shots that are just so amazing. And then several 3D slow motion shots that allow you to breathe in between all of that destruction and mayhem.

The movie starts innocently enough with man’s first moon exploration. The movie creates a certain Forest Gump element by making it appear as if mankind’s reason for going to the moon was because an Autobot ship crashed into the dark side of the moon. JFK has a cameo on the film like he did in the movie Forest Gump. Much later in the film, there’s another cameo of a legendary astronaut.

Fast-forward a few decades later and we’re back to following Sam Witwicki’s ( Shia LeBeouf ) ordinary life.  Although his life isn’t that ordinary as one would like as he now has a new hot girlfriend called Carly whom he met at the White House. She is played by model-just-turned-actress, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She does an ample  job at being an eye-candy as she coolly struts her stuff in an underwear and various sexy clothing. Although she’s good to look at ( for the male demographic only ) she has zero chemistry with Shia unlike Megan Fox.

Shia revealed recently that he had a fling with Megan Fox, thus, would explain their on-screen chemistry. For continuity’s sake, it would have been nice to see Megan Fox in the final film but apparently, Steven Spielberg wasn’t too happy about her Hitler remark. Spielberg who is the executive producer of the film told director Michael Bay to replace the ungrateful Fox. Bay replaced Fox with another hot babe. Although not many can’t see it, I see a resemblance between Whiteley and Cameron Diaz. They have the same features, I’d like to add.

Sam is struggling to find a job since apparently, no one cares that he saved the world twice.  Meanwhile, his car, Bumblebee; his pal, Optimus Prime; and the rest of the Autobots have full-time jobs working for the US military. Sam is none too happy about that arrangement. As Sam is a magnet for trouble, in no time, he stumbles upon a secret that would help save the world. Together with his side-kick, John Turturro’s funny and/or annoying Simmons character, they uncover the Decepticon’s deceptive plot to rule over planet Earth.

There are old characters who have come back like Lt. Colonel William Lennox ( Josh Duhamel ) and Sergeant Epps ( Tyrese Gibson ). Sam’s parents are also back. Megatron is back although only 3/4ths of him is back as some of his spare parts are missing.

There are several new characters like Frances McDormand who plays the role of ‘ I’m-the-person-in-charge-of-the-whole-operation’. Then there’s John Malkovich who plays Sam’s boss. He does a good job at being campy. And there’s that Asian guy from the Hangover films who appears as the erratic and paranoid employee. Basically, he’s just reprising his role as the wacko dude in the Hangover films. I believe he’s been type-cast.  Dr. McDreamy aka Patrick Dempsey makes an appearance as Carly’s slick boss.

There are new Autobots like Prime Sentinel ( voiced by Leonard Nimoy aka Spock ) who is the long lost Autobot commander. It was his ship that crashed into the far side of the moon. Then there’s a new small robot who has partnered with the other small robot in the previous film. They’re the comic relief or just two of the many comic reliefs in this film.

The death count is very high in this film. Sadly, a major Autobot character died but because the pacing was so fast, I didn’t have enough time to digest it. There are genuinely emotional moments where Sam cries when one of his bot buddies was about to be executed. It was that rare scene that showed some humanity. The action is relentless and even if the movie showed humans being killed, there wasn’t too much time to absorb any of that because buildings were collapsing, soldiers were jumping from crashing planes, Chicago was being burned to the ground, etc. There were lots of things happening that my brain is probably still trying to process the information even after 24 hours of having seen the film.

Critics claim that the movie lacks a cohesive or coherent plot. They also have slammed Michael Bay for basically just making movies for money. Transformers is not a drama. It’s a CGI sci-fi action flick where things blow up and make-believe people and robots die. I would like to say that I’m a pretty cerebral person in real-life but for two hours I would like to be glued to my seat watching mind-numbing and possibly mind-altering roller-coaster-like flicks. I just want to escape from reality for a few hours.

At the end of our viewing, the audience was clapping. They seemed happy. I had fun. I appreciate a healthy dose of suspension of disbelief. But for the life of me, I still can’t fathom how Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s character dodges falling debris, survives falling from a collapsing building while wearing four-inch heels. Now, that’s what I call science fiction.

Popcorn Bucket Meter:

For CGI/Action Scenes/3D: 4 Popcorns Out of 4

For Plot: Who cares? It’s a sci-fi/action film with robots.


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